The Best MOD Trainer

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What is a trainer? Is it just someone who give instruction on a class? or is it someone who is passionate in teaching his class to reach their goal. In MOD (My Out-desk)  we have several trainers, but one is an exemption among them since he is not just teaching us on the basics and what not, but what he does is to interact with us through certain ways that we can really learn.  We call our trainer sir or boss but most often I call him by his name “Oreo” since it is more appropriate and personal, although we still recognize his authority to us.

The first day of training was a bit a storm for me, since I’m new to all of the process of real state and it was my first time to work at home as virtual assistant. but as the day goes I feel adjusted to the environment and get used to the pressure of  working on a set period of time. Our trainer gave us a very compelling piece of advice on how to motivate our self since will be working a lot on the training. He told us to think of our motive on why we wanted to work on this kind of environment and dwell with it since this job wont get any easier as we proceed to the next future topics. Well as of now, I can say that it is working for me, since I’m still here on training. I’ve been following that advised and stop thinking about quitting

In terms of work he is a punctual person, he always make sure that everyone in his class are present before he begin his discussions for the day. On discussions, we have the rule of EOP (English Only Policy) but for him, he don’t mind using “tagalog” as the medium for the discussion since he believes that content is best delivered if everyone can understand. I do appreciate that part since previously I was a part time teacher my self and content is much more important than how we present it. Another thing that I appreciate about him is, he is very interactive to his trainee’s which make an individual feel appreciated, He make it a habit to check on everyone  else on how they are doing on the class discussions as well as answering obvious questions.



Oreo is one of the coolest trainer in MOD in my opinion besides him giving us plus points on our exam and quizzes but his hair style is totally awesome! I never met a trainer with a hair style like him, and it tells a lot about his personality. A free spirit type of a person.



I don’t know much of his personality but I guess he is a good guy, since he’s been good and patient to our batch since day one. I look forward to our trainer to stay cool with us and help us passed our exam, quizzes and hopefully  passed training.


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