Real State Through Time

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Real state status in the United States

The status of the real sate in US can be compared to a roller coaster or a wave under a stormy night. Real state selling actually began in the 1800, since then there had been ups and downs of the land sale and speculation in every 18 years amongst the citizens. This graph will show the changes of sales for the last 18 years.


If you notice the chart one of the prominent year of real state sales is on 1836 but right after that year was a bust. It went down rapidly, since then this has been the trend throughout our era. This next chart will show the slow pace recovery of the real estate business right after tidal wave.

As a result of this event banks has to hoard gold and silver to recoup whatever has been lost and maintain business. Nonetheless business is slowly crawling back again to the peak. Bank lending picked back up after the 1849 gold rush, putting credit back into expansion mode.

In the following years the same pattern has been observed, specially during wars such as the American civil war and world war II. A boom bust trend still on process but as time goes the stock market lows of 1991 turned into all time highs in 1992, and interest rates remained low until 1994. The trend continues, as of September 16th, 2011. Historical repeats of note include the retracement by half of the entire up move after the bust, the strong recovery of the index once the Federal Reserve got involved and new all time highs in the Dow.


From the economic changes and the events in history, we can observed that the pattern still the same, but there are some major changes on the rules of real state for the banks to recoup losses. Like the use of short sale, which is one of the commonly use options by lenders and owners instead of loosing everything. Another real state change in terms of marketing is the use of web. There were no other easy way to advertise a real estate property but on the internet. Most people in the US are now using the internet as the major tool to look for a property and for most realtors money comes easy. The use of Lead management tools has been rampantly utilize to generate leads, Economy has been booming with the advent of technology.

Aug. 5,2014


Alabama: Supreme Court may decide fate of lee Country Grand Jury

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This has been a story of political power on a small scale to a large scale,  from a soldier to a Generals order. A case of Rep. Barry Moore who was indicted is currently under scrutiny on lee Country Grand jury since it was recently found out that the county prosecution is corrupt. It has now been decided that Supreme Court will take charge of the proceedings while Lee County Grand Jury will still be under investigation due to public corruption. The recent act of Mr. Moore to postponed the proceeding against him, regarding his upcoming trial on felony perjury charges until the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals considers technical legal challenges to the prosecution, will just show how the court can be manipulated if you have political power amongst the authority handling it.

This event shows that political power can be corrupted, it is lawful that the Supreme Court will handle this issue since it was proven that there is an anomaly with the county’s Grand jury. Sometimes things like this are overlooked by the bigger authority. Come to think of, if this has been going on for quite some time people will think that there are prisoners that had been wrongly accused and they are just in prison because they can’t fight the law. This would create great chaos within the state, since people will still in their mind that justice is decide by money and influence. I applaud the Supreme Court stepping in immediately on this issue and taking proper steps to provide justice. Justice is something that needed be balance regardless of the status of the accused, if this will be bent by someone in authority then that wouldn’t be called justice anymore. Trust of the people will be broken, people will become uneasy and might take justice on their hand.

“Lego House”

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relationship readiness

The song is about a person who try to love someone, but he’s quite hesitant to give everything he had. Since the partner is away from him. The start of the song states “ill pick up the pieces and try to build a Lego house, if things go wrong we can knock it down” meaning he’s trying to build a relationship that is temporary, if things does not work out for them then they can end it anytime. As the song goes the guy realize that he’s already in deep love to the partner but he don’t know if the feeling is mutual with the one he love. “I’m out touch, I’m out of love” imply that he still feel empty, so He decided to just feel numb about it and be the guy that would care if the partner is down.

In the statement “loving someone from afar is like waiting for a ship to land in an airport”, meaning it is hopeless to love someone who is away since there is no assurance if the relationship would work out. This pertain to long distance relationship, and I can relate to that since I’m in it myself. I don’t totally agree on the statement, I still have hope and faith working together in me. Before I got engage to this kind of relationship I already assume the worst, I did understand that the relationship can break down anytime but I took it as a challenge, there is no harm in trying right?. Besides one of the things that I like about her is she can keep her words, whatever she said that she is going to do, she make sure that it will be done and I do trust her. I still believe that one day that ship will still land on the airport and if it happen, ill take a selfie on it.

The Website Traffic and Relationship

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When you search in Google what words do you usually search? Is it the first word that pops up in your mind? Well to give you a scientific fact, 90% of people will just type whatever comes up in their mind and let the search engine optimize or categorize their search.

In the business side of the internet, Company wants to generate more traffic to their websites, it is a way for them to advertise a certain product. Companies are using different methods to advertise their product in the internet. The commonly use advertisement is raw advertisement which means that you can just find a working platform in the internet post your advertisement then you’re done, examples are blogging, social media ad. Page and free hosting sites for ads.  But the most effective type of advertisement that most entrepreneur use is paid advertisement. In paid advertisement, the company will be able to generate traffic through clicks, and per click they have to pay a certain amount to the host or the advertising company. Most often you will see the ads. On the front page of any websites, they are usually place at the header or at the sides of the page you are viewing, in this way a user can conveniently click that ad. That you have posted. In posting a paid advertisement, Usually when you click on that banner or the link, It will take you directly to the specific page that you are looking for, It is a must that the links that are added in ad. Page are in deep linked, it means that page have direct link to the ad. That the user is searching for. Paid advertisements usually comes in a costly price, since I mention earlier that it is through pay per click method, but for real estate agents they are more concern on the lead generation and conversion rather than what they have spent. Since their return of investment is much higher than what they actually spent.

relationship readiness

To relate this to a relationship, this is the question  needed to be answered, how will our partner appreciate us? Being in a 5 year relationship previously, I did learned a lot of things on how to preserve a relationship and to be appreciated as well. I did place this on a list in my head so that next time that I’ll be engage to another relationship, I know what to do. Now the first step is to learned how to appreciate your partner even in the simplest ways, like appreciating his/her interest and hobby, if possible join in her activities, in that way she will notice you as someone who cares. Second keep an open communication to each other, tell her or him what are your plans in life and how is she part of it. More importantly send greeting messages or appreciation on her achievements regardless if it is nonsense. Third make her or him feel special, how? Don’t forget monthsary’s and specially anniversary, celebrate with her, make it special with her, go out for date, give him or her a gift that he would remember when he sees it. Don’t give her food because after he/she consumes it, it’s gone. You understand what I’m trying to imply? Give something that he/she can use daily, trust me you’ll be remembered for a long time. Fourth learn to focus on your partner, you don’t want to make your partner jealous since it’s always the start of misunderstanding, although it’s a sign that your partner loves you but it is better to stay away from trouble. Lastly don’t ever cheat or even think about it.

Nelson Mandela International Day celebrated at COMOROS

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Nelson Mandela International Day


We all know who is Nelson Mandela, He was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, He is quite famous on multiple events in history but one of his acts that I remember is He was able to use sports to unite racially divided country, specifically Rugby.  The event was celebrated on the month of  July 22,2014 in Comoros. It was originally scheduled on July 18, 2014 but was postponed due to scheduling reasons.


The event was honored by the presence of several dignitaries, including the president of the Union of the Comoros, the council of the Island  Njazidja, Ambassador of the republic of Tanzania, Sudan and that the peoples republic of China, among others. Celebrated in almost all counties of the world. Nelson Mandela International day was the Comoros under the theme “The cleanness before everything”. this theme was chosen to support the efforts of the youth about the cleanliness of the capital. especially in this time of reception of the Fourth summit of the COi. “To the ambassador of the republic of south Africa Comoros, He stressed that Nelson Mandela fight for democracy and freedom of everyone and his fight for the rights of people of all humanity.

During his lifetime Nelson Mandela insisted that this day is a day of action an not of political discourse, this is why, Comoros day was celebrated under the theme of cleanliness. Mandela Day was established by the General assembly of the United nations in it resolution 64/13 November 2009 to honor the contribution made by the former president of South African culture of peace and liberty. The united nations Organization joins the Nelson Mandela foundation to urge the world to devote 67 minutes of their time to help and serve others, to an action for good of the public, in memory of the 67 years of activism of the former South African leader.

July 22, 2014


The Best MOD Trainer

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What is a trainer? Is it just someone who give instruction on a class? or is it someone who is passionate in teaching his class to reach their goal. In MOD (My Out-desk)  we have several trainers, but one is an exemption among them since he is not just teaching us on the basics and what not, but what he does is to interact with us through certain ways that we can really learn.  We call our trainer sir or boss but most often I call him by his name “Oreo” since it is more appropriate and personal, although we still recognize his authority to us.

The first day of training was a bit a storm for me, since I’m new to all of the process of real state and it was my first time to work at home as virtual assistant. but as the day goes I feel adjusted to the environment and get used to the pressure of  working on a set period of time. Our trainer gave us a very compelling piece of advice on how to motivate our self since will be working a lot on the training. He told us to think of our motive on why we wanted to work on this kind of environment and dwell with it since this job wont get any easier as we proceed to the next future topics. Well as of now, I can say that it is working for me, since I’m still here on training. I’ve been following that advised and stop thinking about quitting

In terms of work he is a punctual person, he always make sure that everyone in his class are present before he begin his discussions for the day. On discussions, we have the rule of EOP (English Only Policy) but for him, he don’t mind using “tagalog” as the medium for the discussion since he believes that content is best delivered if everyone can understand. I do appreciate that part since previously I was a part time teacher my self and content is much more important than how we present it. Another thing that I appreciate about him is, he is very interactive to his trainee’s which make an individual feel appreciated, He make it a habit to check on everyone  else on how they are doing on the class discussions as well as answering obvious questions.



Oreo is one of the coolest trainer in MOD in my opinion besides him giving us plus points on our exam and quizzes but his hair style is totally awesome! I never met a trainer with a hair style like him, and it tells a lot about his personality. A free spirit type of a person.



I don’t know much of his personality but I guess he is a good guy, since he’s been good and patient to our batch since day one. I look forward to our trainer to stay cool with us and help us passed our exam, quizzes and hopefully  passed training.